Miolee RAZAIARIMANANA Sales Manager

A very effective adviser, she will put at your service her longstanding experience in tourism field and her deep knowledge of Madagascar to let you make the trip of your lifetime with Madagascar Unique Destination

Mail : tourisme@universal-madagascar.com
Tel : +261 020 22 551 31

Meddy Hans ANDRIANASY Senior Travel consultant

He is working in our English Market Department as responsible for promoting and booking traveling arrangements for clients: individuals or businesses. With its experience, he will determine our client’s needs and suggesting suitable travel packages all over Madagascar.

Mail : mu.destination@universal-madagascar.com

Tel: +261 020 22 551 31

Mahery RASOLOMALALA Transport and Logistics Responsible

In charge of transport and logistics, He will ensure that your travel can take place in the best conditions possible.

Mail : location@universal-madagascar.com

Tel: +261 020 22 551 31

Hasina ADRIAMAHARO Administrative and Finance Manager

She is the person who ensures the good administrative and finance management of Madagascar Unique Destination. She is in collaboration with all existing departments in the company.
Mail : daf-utt@universal-madagascar.com
Tel : +261 020 22 551 31